Know How to Import Mac Outlook to Apple Mail – Complete Solution

Outlook is of the major email client used globally on both operating system i.e. Mac & Windows. But in this post we will discuss only about the Outlook for Mac. What are the reasons & complications due to which Outlook user want to import OLM to Apple Mail (Mac’s default email client application). We will also discuss the traditional methods to migrate from Mac Outlook to Apple Mail and the automated solution with limitations & benefits of both while exporting Mac OLM to Mac mail. Let’s discuss some real user viewpoint about this migration. Later, we will the discuss the reasons for such viewpoint about Mac Outlook.

"Hi, I am Justin Hansen, technical IT consultant freelancer. I have been using Mac Outlook for last 6 years. It works like personal assistant for me. It vibrantly manages email mailbox, contacts, calendars etc. I feels very comfortable while using it to access emails, view & check appointments with the clients. I am very much happy. But all of sudden, Mac Outlook starts behaving weirdly after upgrading to version 2016. I have to keeps troubleshooting its various issues every time when I want to access the emails. Unwillingly, I worked with the weirdest email client ever. I have installed all the updates and settings as recommend by Microsoft tech support. But there is no improvement at all. Therefore from past one week, I have been using Apple mail and found it quite well in comparison to Outlook 2016 for Mac. Now, I am looking for the solution to import OLM to Apple Mail. As the file format of the both are different."

In the above section, we have seen the viewpoint of technical user about the Mac Outlook. The same scenario can happens to anyone. So, it is better to go with other option to work unstoppable without any complications and technical delay. However, let move one step ahead with the reasons.

Why Need to Move From Mac Outlook to Apple Mail With Complete Data?

There are multiple technical as well personal reasons due to which Mac Outlook user wants to switch to Mac Mail.

  • Complicated interface for naive users
  • Unexpected Errors like attachments not downloading, contacts not sync with address book etc.
  • Organizational change might be one of the severe reasons
  • Personal bonding with the Apple’s products.

Top Approaches to Export Mac Outlook OLM to Apple Mail

Basically, there are two different approaches available to precisely export Mac Outlook OLM files to Mac Mail.

  • Manual Approach
  • Automated Solution

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First of all, we will discuss the manual approach to import OLM file to Apple mail. The traditional approach is little bit complicated but works fine for enormous number of mailboxes. Follow the below mentioned steps to proceeds with the migration of Mac Outlook to Apple Mail.

  1. Open Microsoft Outlook 2016 for Mac
  2. Select the mailboxes you want to move from Outlook to Apple Mail
  3. Drag & Drop each mailbox to the desktop. The resultant file format of the dragged automatically changes to MBOX format.
  4. Repeat the process for the number of mailboxes you to import from Outlook for Mac to Mac mail.
  5. Save all these dragged files into folder.
  6. Now, open Apple Mail email client application
  7. Click on Choose File and then Mailboxes
  8. A new window will open up and ask you to select the source file type. In current write up select MBOX file format.
  9. Browse the location to select the folder containing the multiple MBOX files.
  10. Check the import folder into Apple mail with data.

Shortcomings of Manual Approach to Export Mac Outlook to Apple Mail

There are multiple numbers of downfalls while using manual solution to import Outlook for Mac to Mac Mail.

  • With the approach, you can’t export Mac Outlook items such as contacts, tasks, etc.
  • The method little bit complex and repetitive one.
  • It may also leads to corruption of source file.

Automated Solution to Transfer Outlook For Mac to Apple Mail

Apart from using the manual solution you can use automated solution to import OLM to Apple Mail. Let’s discuss the same.

You can try OLM to Apple Mail Converter software to easily & precisely export Mac Outlook data to Mac Mail. The use of software to convert & import Outlook data is better choice rather than using manual approach having multiple number of limitations.

Key Features of OLM File to Apple Mail Converter

  • Supports Bulk Conversion of Mac Outlook Mailboxes
  • Provides option to selectively import Mac Outlook data via date filter
  • Generates log report for complete process
  • Support OLM Files of Mac Outlook 2016, 2011
  • OLM to Apple Mail Converter software compatible with latest Mac OS.

Complete Guide to Import OLM File to Apple Mail

Follow these steps to simply import Mac Outlook data.

STEP 1:- Download & Install OLM to Mac Mail Converter software

STEP 2: Click on Add File or Add Folder Option

STEP 3:- Browse OLM files from local storage.

STEP 4:- Select MBOX format from the default conversion list

STEP 5:- Apply date filter to selectively import Outlook data for Mac.

STEP 6- Browse location to save the resultant MBOX file and Click on Export.

STEP 7- Now open Apple Mail Email client

STEP 8- Go to File tab and click on Import Mailboxes option.

STEP 9- Select "Files in MBOX Format" bullet and click on Continue button.

STEP 10- Choose the resultant MBOX file which you want to import

STEP 11- The following screen will be displayed when you finish importing the mailbox.

STEP 12- Now easily access the OLM files into Apple mail with no more complications.

The Bottom Line

Since far we have discussed the different methods to get migrated from Outlook for Mac to Apple Mail. Both the methods are equivalent if have to import only few OLM files. But the automated solution wins the competition when we have to import bulk OLM files to Mac Mail. In terms of accuracy and speed the automated the is far better than complex and time consuming manual solution. So, its depends on you what method you want to deployed while importing OLM files to Apple Mail.